Reverse Chess – Hosted By Tevin Townsend

Reverse chess is a podcast hosted by yours truly which mirrors most of the content I publish.

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Why the title “Reverse Chess?”

I’ve been playing chess for a little over ten years.  About seven years ago, I became an enthusiast and that original enthusiasm shows no sign of waning any time soon.  In addition to loving the sport of chess, I’ve spent many years studying the subjects of formal logic and debate.  My way of deciphering the true meaning and implications of what I experience is guided by the many lessons I’ve taken from these intellectual pursuits.  In my own way of explaining what is meant by the phrase “reverse chess,” it’s simply the deconstruction or the unraveling of information, with most of the lies and distractions removed.  The strange truth is that much of what we all experience starts to finally make a little more sense when it is examined from the opposite perspective.

-Tevin A. Townsend


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