Infinite Plane Society

Are you looking for an alternative flat earth community? Meet Infinite Plane Society and Tim Ozman.

I am not affiliated with the parties mentioned here.  I am simply recommending based on my experience.

Within the Flat Earth community, you will find some of the most intelligent, independent thinkers.  Infinite Plane Society, a group founded by Tim Ozman, takes a broader perspective on everything.  After investigating the historical connections of the New World Order, many are hasty to make final conclusions, Ozman argues.  As a Flat Earther, Ozman sees no reason to assume an “edge” exists.

How do we know there isn’t infinite land?


We both agree that, as the evidence currently stands, we are unable to even confirm what we are on.  We can safely assume we’re on some type of level plane, but what exactly are we on, if not necessarily the planet we thought we were on?

His analysis of the deception humanity is suffering traces all the way back to the Romans and the Greeks.  One of his favorite phrases, I’ve noticed, is “All roads lead to Rome.”  He argues that the decline of the Roman empire was no decline at all.  Instead, the Romans managed to expand their influence, unsuspected, under a new guise.  The Greeks come into play when investigating the symbolism of the Roman Catholic religion and other faiths.  Similar to David Icke, he has caught on to the symbology and numerology that the elite use all over the world.

He is well-researched on religion and ancient history and has compartmentalized milleniums of information to shed light on why humanity is where it is today.  His fervor for activism is constantly displayed; he even titled his book “The Flat Earth Activist.”  He wants to see this become a great movement, because it’s much larger than science itself.  It is an awakening to a massive system of deception.

His presentation style is akin to listening to an open conversation rather than a lecture.  He’s logically thought-out, analytical, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

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