Aquarius Rizing Ninth Gate

Have you heard of Fleurbrun? If not, she can tell you a lot about aliens, astrology, divine femininity, and more!

I am not affiliated with the parties mentioned here.  I am simply recommending based on my experience.

Since 2016, I’ve been closely following one of the most open-minded individuals in the world.  She is most notably known by her Youtube handle, “Fleurbrun.”

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Fleurbrun is originally from New York but lives in sunny Florida.

She has been onto some of the most advanced conspiracies since 2013, as evidenced by her video catalogue.  As I became acquainted with her style, it became immediately apparent that she had a real knack for positing all kinds of possibilities and theories way out there that would make most unawakened individuals question her sanity.  But since then, I’ve come a long way in the conspiracy world and have been able to realize the truth of so much that she had talked about.  So nowadays, it’s me, myself, questioning my own sanity.

When I say deep, I mean DEEP.  And she’s deep into ancestry, aliens, astrology, mysticism, and divine femininity, to name a few.  I have to warn you that if you are new to the conspiracy arena or anything pertaining to esoteric knowledge, she might be too much for you to handle as you will have absolutely no idea what the heck she is talking about the majority of the time.  But that is a actually a good thing.  She will constantly help expand your consciousness and thought horizons, which I benefited invaluably from, even though I knew very little about what I was hearing.  My recommendation is to keep an open mind and try to remember some of the mind-contorting information she’s giving you, if you’re a similar case to myself.

In addition to her Youtube channel, she hosts a radio show called Aquarius Rizing Ninth Gate.  The topics discussed mirror her Youtube content, but this additional platform allows for more community interaction.  I’ve seen her struggle with censorship from both Youtube and Facebook, but she has been determined to stay stead fast and true to her cause despite so.

She puts in a lot of effort to make herself accessible, because her followers are like one big family to her.  And to her followers, she is also like family.  She is a friendly lady that doesn’t bite, and her radio show is a platform for the most open discussion I’ve ever come across.

Currently, the show airs regularly on Thursdays.

She’s always entertaining and is an incessant talker when she gets going.  I can tell you that she has a lot to say, and believe me, there is definitely a lot to talk about.