Author: Tevin A. Townsend
An entrepreneur and writer. A composer and voice-actor. Simply a man of many talents.

My Top 5 Paradises On Earth For Enhancing Your State of Being

The south-eastern region of the United States of America was once submerged underwater.  And just observing the weather trends for the past decade, the onslaught of tropical storms occurring might…
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Tai Lopez Debates A Hater Live

If you spend any time on Youtube, you've likely come across entrepreneur Tai Lopez's "success" ads.  They are typically a 30 second to 2 minute spiel on how he went…
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How Can The Earth Be Flat?

From a practical standpoint, we must accept that first hand knowledge of all things is implausible.  Thus, we are forced to form many beliefs based on second hand, and even greater, indirect accounts.  Even…
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Gain More Freedom With A Passport

A bird is not free if it is kept locked up in a cage.  Likewise, one does not have complete freedom without the freedom or "right" to travel.  Most Americans…
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