About Tevin

Tevin Artavius Townsend


You could call him a truth seeker, an investigator, an amateur logician, etc.  You could call him many fancy titles, but why make it complicated when he’s just a Taurus?

 The great tale of this young fellow was that he was born and raised in the deep country of Mississippi.  Miraculously, at an early adult age, he escaped this abyss and took on a professional life in Las Vegas.

He has a lot of hobbies–almost too many.  He’s a composer, a writer, and he can produce the voice of God when he voice-acts.

He’s made a decent living as a sales guy for the earlier part of his adult life, and now he pursues business ideas as an entrepreneur and focuses on raising awareness through writing and speaking.

What do you believe, or believe in?

I believe in asking questions.  I don’t lean any particular way on the “is there a creator” question.  I’m always happy to learn from and give credit to the intelligent, well-researched believers out there but they are far and few between.  We live in a time of great deception, because we are fooled into believing we have all the answers.  I have asked many questions and investigated the matter more broadly than most.

I don’t subscribe to any faith, religion, or dogma.  I simply have philosophies, which, to me, are basic principles that guide my behavior and thinking.  As an example, I believe in the golden rule, which is to treat everyone else as I would want to be treated.  I believe strongly in avoiding stress rather than creating it.  I believe in all things natural and organic.  I believe it is imperative to protect the environment, but I am most certainly NOT a global warmist and have nothing to do with the corrupt institution of environmentalism.   I love the animals, the plants, and even the air I breathe.   To quote the bible:

And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.”  – Genesis 1:25

  I honestly can say that I have never, not even one day, woken up feeling the need to believe in something greater.  It’s not what makes me tick.  So while I can be awe-inspired thinking about it, I have never developed insecurities because I can’t explain why the trees are green or why that log over there is on the ground.  I simply enjoy the moment.  Unfortunately, because the majority of the population do develop insecurities in this instance, they turn to, for example, religion or science for fulfillment.  But it is out of this weakness that many are deceived.  I am very interested in discovering the truth, but I don’t make the mistake being told what IS truth.  I recognize that there is truth to be found on all sides of the “purpose in life” debate.  I investigate for myself what truth is.