New World Order Politics

The System Behind Police Brutality

A police state, as I would define it, is when the people answer to government rather than the government answering to the people.

The U.S. government contends that its citizenry can’t be trusted to exercise their own constitutional rights.  This is the excuse used to disarm the citizens and, hypocritically, further arm the police force, creating what’s often referred to as a “police state.”  A police state, as I would define it, is when the people answer to government rather than the government answering to the people.

The U.S. police force and its military, in general, have been steadily acquiring and implementing more lethal force over time.  The fact is that the very government complaining about everyone else having too many guns for their own good happens to be the largest supplier of military-grade weapons in the world.

The U.S. government is guilty of trafficking weapons to its own citizens and to other parts of the world.  Al’ Qaeda and ISIS have gotten their weapons from the U.S. government and even Russia acquired nuclear munitions from the U.S. government.  It’s quite obvious that the U.S. government itself is the main party that should be subjected to gun control regulations in order to prevent the major problems it’s constantly blaming its citizens for.

The U.S. government has slowly acquired more tyrannical power by convincing its citizens that its actions are necessary and righteous.  Many of the state statutes in place today have no place even being instituted.  The general public now erroneously believe they have to apply to the government for the “privilege” to drive a vehicle even when this is a right already granted by the constitution.  Many of the traffic laws that are used as the impetus for traffic stops and police harassment shouldn’t even exist.  The reason the right to bear arms even exists is so that the government is never allowed to infringe upon that right.  Constitutional law was designed to assert rights and freedoms.  Laws today are designed to restrict rights and freedoms.

Gun control propaganda is part of the plan to create more robust police state.  This is an old trick, and we’ve seen how it’s played out before in the past.  Back during the more intense periods of the civil rights era, blacks were kept from having access to guns which made them vulnerable to government tyranny and terrorism.

Marijuana, not even a drug but a natural herb, gets more funding and incentive from the federal government than cocaine, meth, and other actual street drugs.  The U.S. police target certain drugs and certain communities.  The U.S. government is in control of these communities as many of the low-income housing neighborhoods were built by the government, namely the Democratic party.  So if the government created the crime-ridden neighborhoods, traffics the drugs and weapons to them, and, then, arrests members of the neighborhood, what does that mean?



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