Does Hurricane Harvey Show How Little We Care?

I wasn’t exposed to the worst living adversities of America until I moved to Las Vegas a few years back.  Life in Las Vegas, aside from the glamour, is a complete disaster for many people, especially those caught in the grip of the streets.  The air is polluted, the streets are dirty, and it’s hot.  This is never-ending disaster that is present every single day, which, I believe, has desensitized us to it because of the constant exposure.  The activism to solve these problems doesn’t compare to that of major disasters.

Hurricane Harvey appears to have been absolutely devastating according to reports.  Suddenly, humanitarian groups like the Red Cross want to step in and save the day.  Suddenly, news organizations nationwide seem to care a lot more than usual.   The whole nation is captivated by the in-depth, sensationalized coverage of the matter and viewer ratings are soaring through the roof!

But where was their concern before?  It seems to only be triggered by certain events.  Even then, is their professed concern even genuine?

Thousands of families were relying on the government to help rebuild New Orleans, but were let down.  Immediately after the earthquake in Haiti, the Clinton Foundation raised 2 billion dollars and, unfortunately the Haitians never received the benefit of such money.

I was listening to someone express how they feel about the matter, and it confirmed the fact that this behavior, rather than showing how much humanity cares, shows how little humanity actually cares.  We should live a world where every one is willing to help their neighbors any time they are truly in need but we don’t.  Ant and bee colonies work together, because their survival literally depends on it.  Failing to take care of each other is failure to care of oneself.  Some amazing videos surfaced of ants using each other to float on water in flooded areas.

Ants forming an island

Why can’t humans figure out the lessons of life and promote balance and harmony?  Why are we stuck in a limbo of selfishness?

I have learned that nature can take away every material thing you thought you owned or cared about.  And in the end, we are left with each other.


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