Tai Lopez Debates A Hater Live

If you spend any time on Youtube, you’ve likely come across entrepreneur Tai Lopez’s “success” ads.  They are typically a 30 second to 2 minute spiel on how he went from being broke to becoming a millionaire.  I admit his pitch is repetitive and may sound cheesy, but what really matters is whether he has the background and quality to back up what he’s selling.

He has had a lot of critics online calling him a scammer and a fraud, a problem he has been dealing with ever since he first started his multi-million dollar ad campaign on Youtube and became widely known.  Aware of these allegations, I was hesitant at first to buy any of his success courses.  However, I slowly began to soak in the information he was teaching, and I couldn’t help but have some respect for the guy.  I know for a fact he’s smarter than the average Joe and the average entrepreneur.  What most other skeptical watchers prefer to do is generate more hate while I studied very closely the fine details.  He has an excellent business website for teaching business.  His social media is managed very well across multiple platforms and is booming.  Clearly, he had millions of dollars to spend on Youtube advertising.  He owns a multi-million dollar home and has very expensive cars.  After a while, I put the facts together and realized his success wasn’t an act.  As to the conspiracy about the true nature of his success, that’s not something I can say I actually know or even care about.  Focusing on this part is what is blinding most people from seeing his business intelligence and ability.

I actually purchased Tai’s 67 steps course, went through hours and hours of lecturing, and I can show a receipt.  I’ve done my due diligence.  I realized that many of these critics were unable to offer concrete evidence that he was a fraud or scammer.  It was based more on perception and a dislike for the guy.  He does flash cars and women, but should that matter as much as the critics make it out to?

Recently, Tai actually invited a vocal critic of his to a live debate about the issues he saw with Tai’s advertising.  The fellow goes by the name of John Henry and considers himself a “real” investor, as opposed to Tai.  I will link the debate below, as it’s quite entertaining.  In addition, I did a brief critique of my own in video format, which will be below as well.


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