How Can The Earth Be Flat?

From a practical standpoint, we must accept that first hand knowledge of all things is implausible.  Thus, we are forced to form many beliefs based on second hand, and even greater, indirect accounts.  Even if first hand experience were plausible, it would not guarantee a correct interpretation of reality that would equate to knowledge.  We all directly experience the Earth first hand, yet some see global warming and some do not.  Likewise, some of us see a flat Earth, and some of us see a round Earth, even though we are looking at the same domain.

This isn’t a philosophy lecture on epistemology, however; it’s simply imperative to understand some of the basics on the topic to understand the limitations on human knowledge.  What we falsely assume to be knowledge can, in fact, not be true.  I was told that I was born on a certain day at a certain place.  While I’ve found no reason to doubt this information, I ultimately cannot claim knowledge of this event.  All of the information ever given to me on this matter was based on a second hand, or even more indirect, account.  I have all of the papers connected to my birth, and I have the word of my parents and my grandparents, but this doesn’t necessarily establish knowledge of the event.  If, say, all of the information I’ve used to form my knowledge of the event was manipulated, I could be caught up in one big lie without realizing it.  This is not a very difficult thing to do.

Erase all of the comedic ridicule and political propaganda you may have absorbed regarding the possibility of a flat Earth.  You may not realize it, but most of it is fed to the public to establish a belief, falsely taken as knowledge, that’s similar to my scenario from above.

The flat Earth versus round Earth debate is less about shape and more about mass psychological indoctrination and control.  The average person, born and raised in a first world country, goes their entire life being educated by others and being told what is fact.  Rather than self-educating oneself, we turn to school or the media for answers.  It’s taken for granted that the information received is true and unbiased.  This is the fundamental mistake that the culprits at large have capitalized on.

Chances are, you did not naturally start studying the sky and the stars, and arrive, on your own, at your current belief about the cosmos.  Your belief was largely influenced by others around you, your school, the media, and other so-called authorities.  You didn’t even teach yourself the language you speak.  You didn’t teach yourself how to dress in the morning either.  This may sound like a silly and moot question, but are you sure you even dress the proper way?  If you never investigate any of the information you receive and automatically trust the same sources (as you are groomed to do), your belief, which you may consider knowledge, is merely indoctrination.

What makes the media right?  What makes the government right?  What makes the so-called experts right?  Have you ever asked yourself that question?  You are groomed to simply assume that the information they provide is correct because of its source, and you couldn’t possibly imagine that these de facto-trusted sources could be incorrect.

This article doesn’t attempt to tap into the flat Earth conspiracy.  Rather, it is to explain the core tactic employed by the powers that be through a highly systematic web of controlled and manipulated information.  Most people could not fathom how deep an information matrix they could be lost in, until they let go of their faulty base assumptions.  This is what must be understood, first, in order to understand how the Earth could possibly be flat, given all of the information you’ve absorbed in your lifetime.  Sadly, the indoctrination is so strong that most people cannot, and will not, even consider the possibility that so much of their reality could have been controlled and manipulated.  This is why the conspiracy of flat Earth is so grand that it’s unbelievable.  Mindless beings have allowed lie upon lie upon lie to accumulate to the point where the lies seem real, and where what’s real seems like a lie.

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