Why Time Doesn’t Exist: Practical Exploration

Time is only as real as the mind believes it to be.  In our world, time is a social convention that is reified constantly, thereby perpetuating the illusion that it’s real.  Time facilitates and rules the world we live in.  When we go to sleep, our focus is to sleep on time and get up on time.  When we wake up, our focus is to get to school or work on time.  World commerce and local transit systems all synchronize through time in order to operate.


Indeed, the time God, Saturn, appears to reign supreme over humanity.

Humans have invented many abstract models for understanding the physical reality we live in.  The mistake too often made is when the abstraction is mistaken for the actual reality it attempts to describe.  In other words, reality is being interpreted backwards.  The abstraction is being used to interpret the tangible, when the tangible is actually what provides the foundation for the abstraction.

Can physical changes be detected in living organisms over time?


Can physical changes in Earth-based elements be detected over time?


Does the human body change over time?


But biological deterioration isn’t caused by what believe to be the hand of time.  Biological processes have cycles just as elements in chemistry have decay times.  Both are grounded in their own cycles.  It’s worth mentioning that drug abuse can biologically deteriorate an individual quicker than the normal passage of time does, because the process itself is grounded in biology and its cycles.

Effects of Drug Abuse

The Sun and Moon both have cycles.  The weather on Earth has cycles.  Every new day is unique–every hour, minute, and second.

One can reasonably assume that our continual progression of existence is being propelled by something, but it’s not time.  It’s best to think of time in terms of cycles, as the ancients did in Astrology.

Ask yourself what year we are currently in.  If your answer is 2017, you’re only right insofar as the Gregorian calendar dictates.  The Gregorian calendar is not the official record of history as you’ve probably been taught.

Under the Jewish calendar, the year is said to be 5777.

Under the Islamic calendar, the year is said to be 1424.

Many other civilizations have their own calendars.  Many of them do adopt the Gregorian calendar for social convenience, but do no consider it the official interpretation of the year.

Are you even sure you’re not living in a false timeline?  Think about it.

You also may think that time zones align with reality.  Nothing could be further from the truth as the time zones have no consistent scientific, astrological, or astronomical basis.  Daylight savings is no different.  Both are arbitrarily invented social conventions.

This piece was meant to serve as a practical explanation.  In the future, I will explore the topic from a more theoretical, scientific, and philosophical perspective.




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