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Why are meats separated from fruits and vegetables in grocery stores?  Because raw meat contaminates life, argues Amun Ra El.  Why are we told to put meat in the bottom of the freezer and vegetables at the top?  To prevent the meat from contaminating other life, argues Amun Ra El.

Fruits and vegetables are living organisms; they are expressions of life.

I was recently introduced to Amun Ra El and had the privilege of interviewing him, and this article highlights what was learned.

Amun Ra El

“Any time we put something that is not organized, that is not in-formation with life, into a body that is in-formation with life, it officially gets inside of nature’s way, and we divide ourselves from the inside out, and since we are water, we are a living reflection.”

“Everything in nature is self-organized, or your body would fall apart right now.  Are you telling the blood what to do right now?  Are you telling it how much oxygen to be delivered to every organ right now?  Are you telling it how much calcium to be delivered to the bones right now?  Who’s giving the instructions?  You are a self-organized organism, and everything in nature is self-organized.  It’s only one mind operating this thing.”

“Because we eat dead meat, because we put parasites in our bodies, we are walking around like the cancer of the Earth.  We are walking around as parasitic beings, parasitic to each other, parasitic to ourselves, and parasitic to the life around us.  And it’s because of our food…there is no species since creation that has moved together in a sick state.”

“Health is the only resolution.  There is no way to come together as a healthy nation, as a healthy people, with sick minds and sick bodies and sick actions with toxic bodies and toxic actions and toxic thoughts with diseased bodies and diseased actions and diseased thoughts.”

Tevin Townsend

“I’m passionate about people being more self-sustaining and understanding the basic fundamentals of life.  You talked about how we just go to the grocery store and don’t know the first thing about where the food comes from.  Because we fail to realize the basics, we get caught up in this system.  I was wondering if you could elaborate on the importance of being self-sustaining and the consequences of not being self-sustaining.”  – Tevin Townsend

“When we go into the store, the sad part to me is why we are even given the option…of toxins/poisons?  Remember that for something to be food, it must be non-toxic.  So when you walk into a store that is 80% toxic food, and it’s approved, knowing that it is toxic?  We know that 80% of the food causes an immune system response in the same way if you get cut.  Your body reacts to toxic and artificial food in the same way that it reacts to poison.  Right in front of the store, you will see that they have a section cut off called the Health Food Section.  Why is there only one section in the store that says Health Food?  The whole store should be a Health Food section.”

“There is no part of the human body that is artificial.  There is no part of the human body that is dead.  If anybody googles the word “detritus,” it is called, dead, organic waste matter.  These are what the decomposers of nature eat.  The human is not a decomposer.  The reason why fruits and vegetables are called the produce section is because the fruits and vegetables are the producers of energy–the producers of life.”

“You drink from nature and give back your urine.  You eat from nature and give back your soil.  The human is so out of line.  Every other species knows this.”

“What do you say to those people that can’t quite grasp the similarities that we have to all the other animal species?  Some people think we are so special or that, just because we are made of the same biological components and are from the same earth, it doesn’t mean that we should behave naturally like other species.” – Tevin Townsend

This is the reason we are in the situation we’re in.  All of those other species support life.  They know their purpose.  The human is walking around and doesn’t even know their purpose, talking about “I’m the divine being.”  If every animal, insect, or being in nature, right now, took the human’s example of life, what would the world be, honestly?  You see, there is a cosmic order.  If the human thinks he’s better than nature, then go stand on another Earth.  Go grab some more sunlight from another Sun.  Produce your own water. Remember that the oxygen must be available for you to breathe it.  The human can’t even breath without a tree…you need the trees to even exist.”

After enlightening everyone to the errors of humans, Amun Ra El goes on further to discuss the purpose of life and many more questions that stem from the enhanced understanding of nature throughout the interview.

Amun Ra El is a messenger of mother nature and currently dedicates his life spreading this message.  He has started building a foundation in Ecuador and is welcoming all who resonate on the same frequency to take part in this establishment.

His teachings are accessible through social media.  If you support his message, please show him support.  See below:

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