Biggest U.S. Tax Scams

The U.S. government is a parasite, and in a literal sense.

It functions because the public funds its operations.  The American public is blind to this parasitic relationship and, in some cases, willingly submits to the will of this parasite.  If it is to be true that money is the number one cause of divorce, why do so many citizens have a hard time divorcing themselves from their leeching government?

The U.S. government pulls a massive amount of wealth from its citizens and doesn’t seem to show much appreciation with their incompetence.  Americans don’t like paying for a bad service, so why do they pay for a bad government?

Americans want to believe that their tax dollars are serving a public good, but the truth is far worse.  Let me outline for you some of the biggest tax scams by the U.S. government.  I’m sure you’ve paid a fair share into at least one or two of them if you’ve ever worked as a citizen.

The Federal Reserve Bank is, by far, the biggest.  It’s common knowledge that requires little investigation, yet most of the public has no idea about its true nature.  The Federal Reserve Bank is not even of the U.S. government.  It’s a foreign entity granted the special privilege of printing money, which has caused untold inflation.  The U.S. government is greatly indebted to this entity and simply forks over most, if not all, of its earnings to the Federal Reserve Bank.  But where does the government get its money?  That’s right, the American taxpayer.  That means the citizens have been, and still are, paying its government’s debt.  The Federal Reserve Bank is even suspected of defrauding other countries by safekeeping massive quantities of gold which many countries have attempted to reclaim to no avail.

The U.S. treasury is not too far off from the Federal Reserve Bank.  As of the start of 2017, the national debt was estimated around 20 trillion.  It is not possible that secured Social Security or retirement funds exist with a negative balance sheet.  Millions of people, especially the elderly, have spent lifetimes paying into this fund, and the government has recklessly expended the funds rather than holding them in reserve.  To inappropriately handle any individual’s retirement funds should be a very serious crime.  Yet, the sad truth is that while similar businesses could be easily prosecuted for this behavior, the U.S. government has continued to do so with no restrictions or penalties.

Military spending is a whole other beast.  Most know how insane the United States military budget is.  In the last 100 years, how much of the military budget has actually been used to defend the United States?  The answer is $0, if you explore the facts.  No wars have been brought to the United States’ home turf.  The money is being used to start wars with other nations on “their” turfs.  In fact, as President Trump pointed out, the United States has spent trillions defending other countries!  As ridiculous as this is, the military has, for decades now, engaged in secret spending.  Again, the public trusts the government is serving the public’s best interests, but this is far from the case.  One of these secret spending projects undertaken by the U.S. military was the construction of FEMA camps.  These are massive, multi-billion dollar facilities constructed underground all over the nation.  The cost is estimated to have been in the trillions.  And nothing suggests that these facilities were even constructed for the general public.  Rather, they seem to have been constructed for special members.

Though the public tends to think of this next one as a scientific institution, NASA has always been a branch of the military that simply poses as a public science authority.  30 billion was spent on the Apollo programs to send a man to the moon; or at least, so they say.  This was all during the 1960’s, and not much has happened since then.  This space mission was fueled by Cold War Propaganda and has, since, found a greater cause under the banner of science.  The colossal space frontier that NASA purports to investigate automatically excuses them for their poor performance in the last 50 years.  Even SpaceX exposed NASA’s incompetence by what they have been able to achieve in rocket science in the last decade.  NASA has cleverly put forth the fantastical premise that other than  the billions of planets and stars in our galaxy,  many of them light years away, there are also billions of other galaxies.  The figures used are so astronomical that they cannot be comprehended on a human scale.  The entire premise sets up a probability system that establishes a low bar for performance.  Therefore, the public is satisfied with very little results and periodic reports over long periods of time.

The common thread being used to tie all of these tax-powered institutions to our minds is insecurity.  The public has been taught to fear global warming and that it’s a really good idea to investigate other livable planets in an attempt to save mankind.  The public is constantly reminded of non-existent terror through 911.  Without social programs, millions would be left between a rock and a hard place, and without borrowing more money and increasing the national debt, the economic infrastructure would immediately begin to crumble.  This paradigm of government control is nothing new and has repeated itself over and over throughout history.  The founders understood this vulnerability of the human condition and repeatedly advised that it was the enemy of a free man:

Benjamin Franklin

“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” – Benjamin Franklin

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