Does Earth Have an Artificial Sun?

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Yes, you read the title correctly.  How could anyone dare suggest a conspiracy about our precious Sun we’ve known since birth?  Well, to lessen the outrageousness of this notion, there are theories about the moon likely having been built rather than naturally formed.  It’s also been suggested that the moon could be a planet-sized spaceship.

Now, to provide some clarity to the opening question.  I’m not so much suggesting that the Sun itself was artificially built.  It would seem that in addition to the Sun we’ve known forever, Earth now has, or maybe has had for a long time, a type of second Sun.  And I don’t mean a binary star system, nor am I speaking of Nibiru or Planet X.

I’m talking about a man-made, sun-simulating device, similar to a satellite, orbiting the Earth.  It sounds unbelievable until you discover the NASA patent for a sun-simulating device designed to function in outer space.   Here is an excerpt:

“The present invention was developed in connection with a sun simulator system for use with an outer space environmental test chamber…”

Patent Diagram

NASA has a patent  on this technology, dating all the way back to 1966.

Patent Summary

We’ve established that the technology is real.  Now the question is whether it’s been employed.  With the millions spent to produce it, I will hedge my bet that it has.

I give complete credit to Jeff P, who has dedicated an enormous amount of time investigating the skies.  Jeff was the one who brought this information to light, at least for me.  He had been pushing a developing hypothesis for a few months about a sky coverup.  I watched Jeff forensically analyze many photos and videos, and he caught some strange sights.  Then, just recently, as I was investigating what seemed to be an oddity in the sky where I was, I caught the same anomalies Jeff had been talking about for a while now.

For some reason, the Sun is producing a ring of flares around it, and I’m not talking about a lens flare.


In my footage, I was easily able to show that these flares around the Sun were distinctly different from the actual lens flares that did go in and out.  Jeff has also dedicated much time to debunking the lens flare explanation.  To further support this analysis, I captured footage with two different cameras, and the ring of flares around the Sun remained consistent and corroborated the findings of other people’s footage that Jeff analyzed.  The contour appears to be hexagonal or octagonal.  I counted 3 flares on the bottom, 2 on the sides, and 3 on the top.

No doubt, many have been able to confirm this aberrant light emission centered around the Sun.  While it may have sounded farfetched at first to suggest some kind of large conspiracy behind it, the NASA patent proves we’ve had the technology to do something like this since 1966.

Many have suggested that NASA is hiding Nibiru/Planet X, and Jeff has demonstrated through hard physics how it’s possible to do so with this sun-simulating apparatus.  By manipulating the light focus, the viewers view of what’s right ahead of them can easily be distorted.


Jeff had been onto this possibility for months, and his recent discovery of the NASA patent was not only a real breakthrough but a vindication.  I highly recommend watching the below video, as it was truly a bombshell of truth, and it really opened my eyes.

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