Are Human Beings Fallen Angels?

The fall of mankind is a story found across many faiths.

It’s most popularly preached by the Abrahamic faiths, but not exclusively.  Even non-faiths, such as with the story of the Annunaki, speak of the tragic descendance of mankind.  Though a few details or characters might vary, a highly similar scenario is painted across them.


That scenario is that mankind, once of a high spiritual or divine order, devolved into a state of perversion and corruption.  It can be difficult to lay a finger on exactly what happened, as many accounts are metaphorical and translations are sometimes complicated.


In the spiritually deteriorated state that we’re allegedly in today, could we possibly imagine and appreciate the divine beauty we used to embody?  Mankind, having been in this prolonged state for generations, deprived of that pure sense of spirituality or divinity, is lost in a sea of ignorance.  This detachment from its former state couldn’t be more pronounced than the current.


The less religious, spiritual community espouse the need for one to “ascend,” which is to rise from our descendant state of ignorance to an enlightened one filled with love, spirituality, and divinity.  This community is known for working to cultivate an understanding of our divine and spiritual connections.  It has an elevated appreciation for the former qualities of mankind that are so forgotten today.  This appreciation leads to investigation and revived understanding.

From a religious perspective, especially a Christian one, the “fall” resulted in a separation from God.  Other less religious, spiritual views might describe it as a dissociation from the prime source or energy.

I wouldn’t know what exactly caused the fall, but across many stories, bloodlines and descendants are a crucial element.  The bible speaks of the “Elohim” (often considered another name for the Annunaki) and giants, and the ancient Egyptians have historical glyphs of hybrid species.


It would seem that there are obstacles to this ascension, and that mankind is unable or unwilling to overcome them.  Drowned in evil, this problem is continually compounded.  This relegates mankind to an inescapable state, a type of prison.  As lovely as our planet Earth is, could it actually be a prison?  Greek mythology references the stars and talks about the Gods.  The planets and stars are believed to govern the cosmos through some sort of mystic connection.  Saturn is a planet spoken of when one might reference imprisonment.   However, that’s a whole other topic.

I have no idea what the first pure and divine humans looked like, but angelic stories have a very special connection to humans.


They seem to have possessed an affinity for humans and to have been working in very close relation.  More interestingly, angels are always popularly depicted as humans with wings like that of a bird.  While I don’t claim to have deciphered the connection, I began to wonder:

Are human beings actually fallen angels or descendants of fallen angels?

As a side note, there are claims of shape-shifting human-bird, human-reptilian hybrids, and the Egyptians did record glyphs of creatures with large wings.

As I began to ponder the question, I reasoned that, anatomically, the human body would possess features reminiscent of a former bird-winged creature.



I’m not an expert on the human body, but it would seem that the upper body was designed or evolved to harbor a set of large wings at the back.  While it can function just perfectly without them, if a mad scientist were to attach a pair right now to a volunteer, it would be a natural fit.  There is lots of muscle in the area and the supporting bones–the collar bone in the front and the shoulder blades in the back–would sufficiently support, if not greatly enhance, fly-ability.  Not to mention the amazing muscle contraction you can get out of this area when one flexes it.


I began to look for more anatomical signs, so I began to think about a bird’s anatomy.  The first thought that came to mind was the fact that birds stand perfectly upright on two legs.


Then, to challenge that thought, I tried to think of other animal species that also stands upright on two legs but can’t fly.  Well it turned out, I couldn’t actually come up with any.  I know what you’re thinking:

Don’t primates also stand upright?


But that’s where you’re half-right and half-wrong.  I use the phrase “perfectly” upright, because it’s a significant feature.  Human beings and birds balance just fine without the need of their other limbs.  Unfortunately, primates are not the same as they naturally use additional limbs.  To further illustrate the difference, when a primate sprints, the use of their additional limbs is almost guaranteed.  This small quality demonstrates a highly significant difference that cannot be ignored.  The fact is that this difference is immediately obvious and that standing perfectly upright on two legs is an extremely rare feature we find among animal species.

I do not write this to disprove any type of theory or to promote any type of view.  It is my layman opinion that if human beings had wings, we could easily fly.


Is it possible that we once were, or are descendant from angels?

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