Listen To Kyrie Irving; He Might Be Right

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Recently, Kyrie Irving, a professional NBA player, made some strong comments on a radio segment about the Earth being flat and that we’re being lied to.  This has resulted in great backlash.  The flat Earth hypothesis is nothing new, and Irving is certainly not as much a minority in his camp as the establishment media would have you believe as there is definitely a vast flat Earth community still living today.

I’m not a scientologist or a creationist, and I’m not writing in support of the flat Earth hypothesis.  I would also add that basketball is not a sport I pay attention to and that I don’t pay much attention to celebrities or celebrity news.  What compels me to touch on this fiasco is that it showcases how the media and establishment matrix works.

Why is Irving, a non-scientist, gaining so much attention over this?  It’s not as if his opinion on the topic matters, right?

Or does it?

Indeed, it would seem that it not only matters, but that it matters a lot.  Just today, Irving was listed in the top 5 Google searches and dozens of articles were printed on this matter from the mainstream news outlets.  But rather than just reporting the story, a concerted effort was made to discredit Irving as a lunatic.  For those that already understand the tactics of the establishment media, celebrities and other prominent figures that disseminate truths, that have been covered up, end up getting the special treatment that Irving is getting.  I have looked into the flat Earth hypothesis in the past, but now I’m tempted to re-investigate the topic as it’s clear the establishment media is expending a lot of resources and energy to discredit the flat Earth hypothesis.  Usually where there is smoke, there is fire.

I don’t know much about Irving, but he has my respect for having the strong, independent opinion that he does and not being afraid to speak his mind.


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