Is The New World Order Real?

If you are wanting to get to the bottom line of the matter, of whether The New World Order is real or simply a conspiracy, then you’ve come to the right place.  You’ve heard a lot about it, and no doubt, you’ve heard a lot of hard-to-believe, hard-to-swallow claims.  This is a very broad topic with a lot of historical connections, but the simplest segway into understanding the reality of the existence of The New World Order can be explained like this:


In 2011, a movement known as Occupy Wall Street began in the United States of America.  Average, working-class Americans were fed up with the incompetent congressmen that ran Washington D.C.  They awoke to the corruption beneath–the fact that wealthy corporations and elites controlled Congress.  It was a hard pill to swallow, to know that the suffering of many was caused by greedy saboteurs.  Making the pill more difficult to swallow, the parties responsible never faced the public or served in public office.  They were anonymous, yet so involved in many laws and politics.  But this was reality, a reality that few believed to be a “conspiracy.”

This modern day, secretly-controlled, or secretly-guided government, has its roots in The New World Order.  The question that has to be asked is:

“How long has the American government been controlled in this manner?”

Once this question is asked and one begins to explore the history of America from governance to politics, to economics and many other facets of American society, one begins to uncover the grand plot that is The New World Order–a plot that didn’t begin just yesterday.

To educate oneself further, my website features a plethora of content centered around understanding this topic.  I also run a show called, “Reverse Chess-Hosted by Tevin Townsend.”

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