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Me holding the product in a video review.

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Bee pollen might be one of the best supplements one can take for health.  Fortunately, I’m not allergic to the spring pollen so many Americans hate.  Maybe it’s genetics, or it’s simply that I was raised in the deep countryside of Mississippi where bees, wasps, and spiders had the most annoying habit of making nests right alongside my house.  I was always greeted by these critters on my way out of the house and on my way back.  Though we had our differences at times, it may have been an invaluable grooming experience.  Ah, such wonderful memories.

But enough reminiscing.  Bee pollen packs some serious health benefits.

Firstly, it’s an organic compound, which was what originally piqued my interest.  But bee pollen isn’t just your average organic compound good for health.  Bee pollen literally is the breath of life.  Pollen is integral in the growth of many plants and vegetation.  Pollen does a lot to propagate, to facilitate life on Earth.  You have my approval to swear at bees for the pests they can be and to be irritated by allergies from pollen, but always remember that such things are sacred.  These experiences aren’t annoyingly incidental, and we’d all be much worse off without them than with them.

Ancient cultures knew about the health benefits of bee pollen and even utilized it in medicinal applications.  The Chinese and the Egyptians both have records.  It’s mentioned throughout history in numerous civilizations.

Alternative health ventures are usually trial and error in my experience; many products are only as convincing as their sales pitches and reviews.  But I struck gold on my first sample test with a bee pollen product from Nova Nutritions.  I will admit, by the end of day 2, I was felling disappointed, as I had yet to notice any effects.  I would add that I was also taking 2-3x more than the recommended dosage starting out.  Am I insane?  No, it’s natural bee pollen!  This isn’t anything that does any harm to you.  I had no fear of having a heart attack or stroke.  But as a legal disclaimer, I’m not a physician and this should not be considered medical advice.  I’m just someone that knows the difference between safe, natural supplements that boost health naturally and the opposite experience we’re all accustomed to, having to read warning labels and be overly cautious about dose intake.  I can honestly say that I’ve taken 4 at one time with this product, and nothing out of the usual transpired.

It was around day 3 that I finally noticed its effects.  After about 2 months of taking the product and closely monitoring its effects on myself, here is what it did for me:

The most notable benefit was that it greatly improved my cardiovascular health unlike anything I had ever seen or remembered experiencing.  Maybe when I was younger, my breathing was much better, but, perhaps, it gradually declined without my noticing?  Could it be the mysterious chemtrails and pollution in the air?  I wouldn’t rule it out.

So here I was feeling as if I had been reborn.  And I’m in my mid-20’s.  Physically, I’ve always been naturally athletic and very healthy.  Heck, I don’t even have health insurance or any known medical problems.  It’s possible that my blood oxygenation and breathing have always been sub-par, and that the properties of bee pollen enabled my body to achieve its full cardiovascular potential for the first time.  To describe the feeling–the sensation–a little further, it’s not that cheap manufactured feeling you get from caffeine and other energy drinks or typical supplements.  This cardiovascular boost is derived from something that knows from the most natural level what your body needs to thrive, be it from evolution or design.  I studied my body’s reactions like a scientist.  It produces more energy not by manipulating your body into unevenly outputting increased amounts at a given time or by providing your body with energy it doesn’t already have.  It addresses the root of the science and goes to work on optimizing what you already have.  Thus, I was able to accurately infer that while my body expended the same amount of cardiovascular energy as it had been, the resulting output was 2-3x greater, as the process was curated or improved.  The human body isn’t perfect, but the bee pollen addressed such imperfections of mine.  The cardiovascular system is made up of several components, and I experienced improvements in several areas, which combined to make a huge difference.  I experienced better oxygen circulation in the blood.  I have been having a progressive problem with poor feeling, blood, and oxygen in my hands and feet.  This was improved.  While my nose isn’t habitually stuffy or congested, oxygen intake though my nose was improved, despite the slight allergy irritation I experienced from taking it.  A good allergy, if I say so myself.  I consistently felt a funny feeling in my nose for a few minutes immediately after taking it, but it always subsided quickly, was always quickly forgotten, and always helped clear my sinus in the end.  The most mysterious part to me is how my output efficiency was doubled per breath taken.  Imagine you are a weight lifter, and you that you normally take a breath with each lift.  Then imagine you take some of this before working out, and all of a sudden you’re taking 1 breath every 2 lifts.  That’s exactly how I felt, and I happened to be doing some workouts at the time.  This particular part really had me thinking about a lot, because I realized I was motivated to get up early or to workout more, because my body was outputting greater energy.  The fact is, the quality of your breathing and cardiovascular health has a huge impact on your mood, physical and mental health.  I think this is something that people have got to learn to tap into; it might help solve a lot of depression or weight-related problems.

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Me holding one of the tablets in a video review.

The tablets are humongous!  That’s technically a good thing, because it means more bang for your buck.  Honestly, I’m impressed by anyone that can swallow one of these whole.  Even when you cut one in half, the two halves are still fairly large.  My technique of administration was to crush it all up into a fine powder and ingest it that way.  I did experiment with sprinkling it into my coffee, since it has a bitter-sweet taste, but it ultimately would never dissolve, and would always collect at the bottom of my cup.  But it could always be sprinkled on some food.

I do have a video review available HERE

After enough testing, my average dose was two tablets if I had no plans for physical exertion, and 3 tablets if I did have plans for physical exertion.  As stated, I have taken more than 3 in one dose, but for myself, the effects would peak at 3 tablets per dose, rendering the extra amount unnecessary.  I would take my doses at varying times during the morning or day, but would always take a does right before sleeping to improve breathing while sleeping, which definitely improved my sleep and my ability to get up in the morning.  It even helped much of the numbness I feel in morning in my hands, feet, and legs.

So with all of that said, I hope I’ve done a good job of explaining how the bee pollen from Nova Nutritions improved my life quality.  Trust me, the better you can breathe and the more oxygenation in your blood, the more alive you will feel and the happier you’ll be.

I’m a happy consumer.  I can’t promise you that you will have the same experience, but I definitely recommend this product made by Nova Nutritions to anyone wanting to improve breathing ability and cardiovascular heath.

I was not commissioned by any 3rd parties to do this review.  I write as a consumer and writer.


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