“Fake News” is a Hoax: Here’s What is Real & What is Fake

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President Obama, Hillary Clinton, other DNC leaders, and the typical mainstream news networks, have engaged in this never-ending, highly publicized campaign, complaining about so-called inaccurate and “fake news.”  In a segment regarding the matter, Obama stated:

President Obama

“If we are not serious about facts and what’s true and what’s not, and particularly in an age of social media where so many people are getting their information in sound bites and snippets off their phones…if we can’t discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have a problem.”

Hillary Clinton stated the following at a recent conference:


“The epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year…it’s now clear that so-called fake news can have real world consequences.  It’s a danger that must be addressed, and addressed quickly. Bi-partisan legislation is making its way through congress to boost the government’s response to foreign propaganda.”

Infowars covered the matter.  View some of their coverage HERE

If you have been late to catch on to the type of information suppression the ever-so sly establishment has been trying to pull, Paul Joseph Watson provided an accurate summary in his commentary.  Believe me, it’s not even rhetorically charged.

Paul Joseph Watson.png
Paul Joseph Watson – Political Commentator

“When they say fake news, that includes any reporting or opinion that contradicts their leftist narrative.”

They have expressed their indignation that alternative, unfiltered, anti-establishment media had a concerning impact on voters’ views.  In other words, this new paradigm shift of the media status quo is not within their comfort level.  They have, for a long time, been accustomed to a de facto status of control and media dominance.

I would add that this isn’t the first, the second, the third, nor is it likely the last attempt of President Obama to complain about anti-establishment, alternative media.  Before this incident, and shortly after signing over internet control to the United Nations, Obama made the following statements:

“We’re gonna have to rebuild, within this Wild Wild West of information flow, some sort of curating function, that people agree to.” 

President Obama @ ICANN Conference 2016

He then goes on to say, hinting that he preferred the old traditional, easily-controllable media paradigm:

“I use the analogy in politics, ‘It used to be there were three TV stations,’ and Walter Cronkite’s on there and not everybody agreed.  There were always outliers who thought that it was all propaganda and we didn’t really land on the moon…Generally, people trusted a basic body of information.” 

So here we have President Obama making a plea to the the public to place more faith in the establishment-endorsed narrative.  He can’t simply make sense of why the public veered off course from the track they’ve had us on for so long.

Of course, he pretends as if the establishment media have done the public a most excellent service.  He pretends as if the establishment, as a whole, have dutifully exercised nothing short of good faith.  The politics behind this are truly derisible, but I will not digress.  The goal here is to set the record straight, without the political shenanigans, on this “fake news” matter.


Both the government and the establishment media, cut from the same cloth of corruption, are repeat offenders in the betrayal of public trust.  Americans are rightfully offended by the notion that they need to be taught how to think and who to trust, especially by the very ones that have betrayed them in the past and continue to betray them today.

A case in point, which made the rounds a few months ago, was a CNN clip of Chris Cuomo advising the public not to do their own investigations or form their own conclusions.  This segment was in regard to the exposed Clinton emails from Wikileaks.  Cuomo stated the following, or rather, issued the following warning:

Chris Cuomo

“Remember, it’s illegal to possess these stolen documents.  It’s different for the media, so everything you learn about this, you’re learning from us.” 

Merely by assertion–power of sheer fiat–they determine who and what is real news or fake news.  By extension, the obvious implication here is that somehow they possess the special right and expertise to tell the public what to believe and what not to believe, over the public’s own right to self-investigate and think independently.  Their attitude toward anti-establishment, alternative media and alternative thought exhibits a bold, new arrogance, an arrogance that has caused unanticipated backfire.

The original narrative about the leaked emails was that they were fake or altered, so many asked how can there be a legality attached to the possession of fake documents?  It was obvious that as the authenticity of the emails were confirmed, the denial strategy would not prevail.  Thus, the next logical move was to discourage independent investigation, admit softly that the documents were authentic, and sell a new establishment-friendly narrative.


Not only did the establishment media attempt to cover up the Wikileaks scandal, they equally tried to cover up the Danny Clinton Scandal (Bill Clinton’s alleged son) and the DNC Scandal exposed by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas.

Undeniably incriminating, Donna Brazile of CNN was exposed in the leaked emails from Wikileaks as having given debate questions to Hillary Clinton in advance.  Before this was exposed, many people complained of bias in the debates between Clinton and Trump.  Immediately after the debate between Vice Presidential candidates Tim Kaine and Mike Pence, viewers noticed suspicious facial queues coming from Tim Kaine to the moderators.  Martha Raddatz, a CNN anchor serving as debate moderator, rudely interrupted Trump several times.  Another debate moderator, Anderson Cooper, was also a CNN anchor.  Due to complaints of impartiality, the last debate was moderated by a Fox News anchor.

Wikileaks also exposed that Clinton was given news articles to edit as she saw fit prior to publication.

Just as corrupt as political parties, so-called journalists and reporters conspire behind the scenes.  CNN’s narrative on a variety of issues were so uniform across anchors, it was obvious that talking points had been outlined for the entire network to follow.

CNN’s strategy was consistently to trash and discredit the sources of this journalistic information.  When speaking about James O’Keefe, their rehearsed and implemented talking point was to lead each statement asserting that he was a convicted felon and was known to doctor videos.  Whenever speaking of Alex Jones of Infowars, they consistently lead with the label “conspiracy theorist.”  They repeatedly committed Ad Hominem by attacking the individual instead of the fairly assessing matters.

CNN has also been appropriately nicknamed the “Clinton News Network” by many, due to biased coverage and virtually no criticism of the Clintons.

When offering commentary on air, on the CNN network, Katie Hopkins, a columnist, included the following statement in her analysis of the biased media coverage:

Katie Hopkins.png
Katie Hopkins on CNN

“I think we’ve seen a very similar thing here in the UK with Brexit.  We saw a lot of the liberal press kind of sneering at Brexiteers.  We saw a lot of the sneering that we see from the Clinton News Network.”

 CNN even “lost” a satellite feed in the middle of a guest commentator engaging in discussion that was bad publicity for the Clinton’s.

On air, New York congressman Chris Collins was mysteriously dropped from the air as he began to tear into Clinton’s corruption:

Chris Collins – New York Congressman

“Two-thirds, or more, of the public noticed that Hillary Clinton is a liar.  She can’t be trusted, and now the two faces of Hillary Clinton are coming out.  The fact, through Wikileaks, that she says one thing…”


Cut feed.png

CNN avoided the Wikileaks discussion, the center of controversy during the presidential race, like the plague, and any discussion about it from their end exhibited an extreme bias and cover-up for Hillary Clinton.  This was glaringly obvious to many.

Even the Gallup Organization conducted a poll on media bias in the last days of the election and the data showed an extreme contrast in perceived media bias between candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  The data showed that approximately 50% of respondents believed the media was biased in favor of Clinton and that barely 10% believed there was bias towards Trump.


Now keep in mind that, as this poll was being done, the establishment media were relentless in their attempt to shape public opinion in favor of Clinton by reporting all kinds of skewed and biased polls in favor of Clinton.

Further showing deliberate dishonesty and the intent to manipulate public opinion through polling, there was leaked document from Clinton’s private consulting group on their findings.

Benenson Leak.png

According to the report, it contained non-skewed data on Clinton’s public perception.  It stated unequivocally that Trump was winning and that Clinton’s reputation was declining rapidly.  It even admits to their poll abuse backfiring, causing Americans to distrust polls.  It then discusses several strategies on how to rectify the problem.

Yet, the establishment media lied to the public up to the very end, and still continue to do so.


CNN is the most special network of the mainstream as it pertains to the topic of deception and dishonesty.  They even faked a satellite interview on live TV.  The anchor and the reporter were exposed as having been in the exact same parking lot.


As ridiculous as that is, CNN is much more special than that. There is speculation that CNN was covertly established under CIA directives.  There is a documentary titled “PsyWar” that discusses CNN’s background and the evidence.

I would also add that it recently came out that Anderson Cooper, a CNN reporter, was a former CIA intern.  According to a Washington Post article, Cooper admitted to undergoing a CIA internship:

Anderson Cooper

  “It was less James Bond than I hoped it would be.”

Deborah Tavares of Stopthecrime.net reports of having extracted an alarming NASA powerpoint document, dated in 2001, directly from the NASA website:

Deborah Tavares

When asked in an interview who wrote this NASA document and whether this leak was intentional, Tavares replied:

“The Illuminati, the most wealthy, rich men on the face of the planet, always telegraph everything that they’re going to do.  So the fact that it was on the NASA website…it was certainly available to the public, but did they see it?  Obviously not.  Because had they looked at this document, you would know about it right now, and we don’t.” 

Of relevance to the current discussion is that this document outlined a plan to use CNN for mass propaganda.  It was listed that they would “exploit CNN syndrome.”

NASA Warfare Document – Page 93

The entire document goes on to list future military and political strategies, many of which matched past and current events.

This “CNN Syndrome” strategy came to fruition.  There is even research to back up how much of an effect media propaganda is having not only the minds of the public but their health as well.

The Gallup Organization reported that election day saw a historic spike in public stress levels.

 There was even a recent study from the American Psychological Association that showed 52% of Americans reported suffering from what’s been called “election stress disorder,” arguably caused by mass propaganda-driven media.


Cliff High, an early pioneer of mining information from the internet, has found the same trend in his research.  The term he uses to describe the stress levels caused by the establishment media is “intensity value.”  He has reported that there has been a sharp rise in the use of words associated with a greater emotional response from the public.  His website is halfpasthuman.com.

Cliff High


While a little more subtle than CNN, most of the establishment media act as a flock.

In 2011, the Gallup Organization reported in a continuing study:

“The majority of Americans still do not have confidence in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly.”

  The Pew Research Center reported in 2012 that the “most news organizations” were seeing a progressive decline in credibility ratings.


In 2014, the Gallup Organization reported that “Trust in Mass Media Returns to All-Time Low.”


Neither the federal government nor the “government-approved” establishment media decide truth.  It is foolish to to uncritically assume the veracity of their espousals.  The White House only confers press credentials to those that do not hold the government’s “feet to the fire,” as Thomas Jefferson duly advised Americans to do.

These propped-up political commentators and sellout-journalists, that do nothing more than spout their political rhetoric and jargon endlessly, that spend an entire day’s worth hyper-analyzing a single comment to the detriment of collective time and intellect, that perpetuate the coverage of matters not worthy of greater concern in an attempt to distract, that plot against and dogmatically lie to the public in order to further a private agenda, that invent and assign labels to fuel civil division where none need exist, that are puppets of a most corrupt establishment, reading aloud scripted information with no self-autonomy, that have morally and dutifully failed as journalists and have so disgracefully perpetrated such a grave disservice to the public, are not any more fit to interpret the state of the union and civil affairs than any other citizen, credentialed or not.

The overwhelming majority of the mainstream media, beholden to the establishment, are not any more worthy than the average citizen to possess press credentials conferred by the White House.  The selfish continuation of this de facto privilege, while calling for the censorship and discontinuation of faithful journalism, indicates the existence of clear ill-will or very poor, good faith.  The public is justified in demanding the revocation of such credentials, given how matters stand.

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  1. Deborah Tavares supports her claims with documents. But, Tavares creates many of these documents herself. Further, Tavares alters the words and images of other documents to make them fit her claims. Finally, Tavares passes off documents of known political fiction as if they were “real” government documents. For proof, click here and scroll down. https://www.reddit.com/r/Libertarian/comments/7vbnow/video_deborah_tavares_kill_cities_the_rothschild/. If, for any reason, the link above does not work, simply Google “Deborah Tavares Reddit.com Kill Cities” (without quotes).

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