“Inclusionism”: Protests over Trump’s Presidential Nomination

I’ve always been very pro-education.  If you would have told me a decade ago that the schools were brainwashing the youth, I probably would not have taken you seriously.  To me, you would have just been one of those “radical” conservatives.  But upon the conclusion of this 2016 U.S. Presidential election, I have a newfound respect–a sympathy– for the conservative stance, and it’s exactly what America needs right now.

There has been this “social justice warrior” movement of sorts in the past decade.  Quite simply, its just about bringing the issues of minorities to center focus.   But the “hip” kids representing these movements have become progressively classless.  This election was, for many, a culmination of a lot of these issues.  The impending World War 3 crisis and the 20 trillion dollar debt are both important, but today social issues come first.

I last attended college in 2013, but I’m not sure I know what’s even being taught at our most prestigious schools anymore.  With all the taxpayer money these schools are receiving, I hope they are doing a pretty good job educating the youth on the constitution and American history, but I’m just not so sure anymore.  We do, indeed, live in an ever evolving and increasingly inclusive world, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

What we’ve been seeing these past few years are these failed attempts at following in the footsteps of the great patriots of the past.  Not only do people fail to understand meritable patriotism, but most of these social justice warriors partaking in these protests don’t even understand what they are even protesting for.  And every time I see these protests, most of the participants look to be below the age of 30.

These demonstrations are very poorly presented and don’t quite match up to the standards of our past patriots.  They are all about voicing complaints.  They all seem to be about group mob mentality.  It’s become so common these days, it’s almost a fad, and it seems everyone wants to be in the cool club.

Just looking at video footage of the protests over Trump’s presidential nomination, many of these protestors have either no respect for the constitution and what it stands for or they are simply clueless, and maybe the schools are to blame.  You can find footage of these protestors demanding this modern idea of “inclusionism.”  Put simply, to them, America doesn’t stand for America; it stands for everyone else and every other country.  Of course, we are a nation of immigrants, but America has hard-fought-for values that are being completely undermined by such juvenille, wishy-washy, uninformed ideologies.

Many of these protestors are in the streets carrying international flags and protesting against America!  America is not perfect, and the government has certainly needed to be taken down a notch, so reminding the nation of that is fine, but this “inclusionistic” message is missing the mark by a lot.

The way I see it, it’s good that these protestors aren’t dishonorably waving the American flag, as their behavior shows that they don’t even deserve the right to.  They take for granted that ithey are even allowed to openly protest the government without being arrested or getting the death penalty.  These young women unmannerably out in the streets protesting take for granted that they can do so, yet they are carrying a flag for a country where they would not have the same the freedom to do so.  It’s a pure lack of understanding and respect for the constitution that makes America what it is while advocating the adoption of other nations’ principles and people for what they are that is just baffling to most.

These young generations are overly glued to their televisions, cell phones, and social media.  I don’t know if their critical thinking skills are being honed or if they just allow these cunning politicians, TV personalities, and celebrities to hone it for them.  They talk about “embracing” individuality and differences, but they are, themselves, just sheep like the rest, and there is never talk about embracing Americanism.

I’ll leave it at this.  Most of these social justice warriors are too wimpy and clueless to understand the true price and value of American liberty.

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