Trump Deserved to Win & Hillary Deserved to Lose; This is Why!

This 2016 U.S. Presidential election has been a very stressful episode for us all.  With the many issues raised, many have had to make tough decisions between the candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  I want to make this short and sweet and without bashing anyone.  Outside of all of the many social issues and political dogma, these last few weeks have been the true test of character.

In the last month leading up to election day, Hillary Clinton was not hitting the campaign trail in a sufficient enough manner to deserve respect.  This was the fourth quarter of the game, when it all mattered most, not only to the candidates but to her loyal supporters, and she decided to hug the bench.  She became a notorious hermit that was nowhere to be seen.  Sure, with the Wikileaks information dump on her ultimately wrecking her image, it couldn’t have been easy to face the public; but instead of facing the public like a woman, she had President Obama campaign and clean up in her stead.  In other words, she quit.

Further damaging, prior to the official vote count declaring Trump as the winner, instead of giving a few words to people that waited hours outside past midnight for her to speak, she sent John Podesta in her stead to inform her loyal supporters that she would speak tomorrow.  And let’s not forget that she had her husband and former President Bill Clinton and the first lady Michelle Obama also campaigning for her.  And not as if these other individuals even matter in a political context, but in order for her to go through the inconvenience of speaking to the public, she enlisted the support of music artists Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga to draw a crowd for a speech.

The people don’t want surrogates, and, quite frankly, they want someone that’s not just a smooth politician.  They want esteemed, accessible, strong individuals that will look the American voters in the eyes, talk to them, and shake their hands.  What kind of “leader” can’t face the people they aspire to lead?  On a fundamental level, this kind of resolve, stamina, and tough skin is a necessary quality of winners and leaders.  The truth is that not everyone has that “x-factor” needed to continue to do so even in the face of bad publicity, which is the lesson here.  Call it charisma, tenacity, resilience–there are many synonyms and adjectives to select from.   Moreover, Hillary specializes in focusing on the negative and consistently peddles arguments revolving around victimization.  Her character lacks the fresh energy and positivity that Trump has.  And while Trump actually gave Hillary credit for never giving up, she is no longer worthy of that concession, and it’s a true shame:

Trump has shown that he is a man of hard work.  He found himself having a hard time trying to prove such as he is a billionaire who is viewed by many as having it “easy” in life.  But during the entire campaign, Trump had anything but easy.  He didn’t have the mass corporate support that Clinton had, from private corporate donors to corporate mass media.  He didn’t have the clout of so many political figures and celebrities backing him as did Clinton.  He did it the old fashioned way.  Even with all of Clinton’s advantages, Trump’s hard work simply paid off big time in the end.

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