Why I Don’t Vote: America’s Broken Democratic Process

“No taxation without representation” was one of the main principles America was founded upon.  As originally envisioned by America’s founding fathers, the government’s existence had to benefit the people and yield to the demands of the people through a democratic delegation process.  But in the 21st century, the government, its congressmen and politicians make careers out of yielding to private interests, not the people.  Many exemplary patriots have done a good job raising awareness of this issue, so why is this still ongoing?

Malicious influences have infiltrated the government much more than many realize.  Simply “voting” is not enough to fix the problem.  Indeed, the very voting system itself, the historic democratic process which cemented America’s place in world history, has been compromised, and where not compromised, exploited or “gamed.”

The most effective way in which America’s voting system has been compromised is in the mental enslavement of its citizens. Media organizations only pump out the information they want you to see.  It would seem the citizenry has been conditioned to “not” recognize obvious signs of a broken democratic process or to not pay much attention to such.  Slowly but surely, ones right to vote has lost much of its original power.  What good is ones right to vote when the candidates to select from are where they are through illegitimate or corrupt means?  What good is ones right to vote when the candidate they’d like to vote for has their name removed from the ballot?  Why does the media decide the dates of presidential debates and who has the privilege of attending?  Why does the American public allow this to happen?  Americans may have the right to vote, but clearly, power over the voting system itself, combined with steered political mindsets, renders such a right illusory in its intended effect.

The media plays a big role in influencing opinions and perspectives.  They constantly show polls and ridicule ideas or candidates who go against their agenda and play off of mental biases all humans have, an unfortunate evolutionary human condition.  Too many Americans look to “leaders” to exact change.  We Homo-sapiens are born thinkers with the ability to develop critical thinking skills.  We are social animals, but having problem-solving skills is an example of what sets us apart from a flock of birds.  In some cases, instead of “voting” for change, it becomes necessary to directly petition Congress for change.  The founding fathers understood the price of freedom and understood that being passive towards bad government and corruption was no way to ensure freedom.  Americans have forgotten these teachings, and several rights have been slowly undermined without much fuss.  Without realizing it, accepting the corruption and exploitation that exists and continuing to participate in it lends it more and more ostensible legitimacy, and the problem only becomes that much more difficult to resolve as time passes.

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